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Zama - Latest news -- Pemex was given operator role in the Zama field, which overlaps two blocks.

Zafiro Producer - Zafiro Producer FPSO is used by ExxonMobil to produce the Zafiro field offshore Equatorial Guinea.

Zabazaba/Etan - ENI/Shell are planning to use a VLCC-size FPSO with 150,000 b/d oil, 200 mmcf/d gas…

Yuum Kak Naab - Yuum Kak Naab FPSO is used by Pemex on the KuMaZa field in the GOM. BWO had the EPC…

Yuri Korchagin - Yuri Korchagin FSO is used by Lukoil for storage on the Korchagin field in the Caspian.