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Floating Production Database

The Floating Production Systems database is a major advancement in business intelligence in the floating production sector. Updated daily – 24/7/365 – courtesy of World Energy Reports’ global network of correspondents and analysts – the database is a powerful tool that enables you to research, discover and produce the information you need, when you need it, in the form you want to see it.

Included is in-depth information about 230+ floating production projects in the planning stage, 360+ production and storage installations now in operation worldwide, 60+ floating production systems being built and 20+ production systems off field and available for redeployment.

Unlike other static competitive databases in this sector, the World Energy Reports Floating Production Systems database is dynamic – it is updated daily with new information and insights to ensure you are kept abreast of new developments as they happen..

Floating Production Systems Report And Online Database

  • Monthly reports -- Our monthly reports provide a detailed snapshot of the business sector as of the middle of each month. More than 80 pages of data and industry analysis each month. Excel spreadsheets with each report enable subscribers to tailor the data presentation to their needs. In October of each year we provide a detailed five year forecast of production floater orders. In March of each year we fine tune the forecast and make revisions as needed.
  • Online database -- The online database is updated every day – with information direct from primary sources. In the database are details for 240 planned projects, 370 installations in service, 70+ floaters on order and 20+ floaters available. The database is fully searchable. Customized charts and spreadsheets can be directly produced from the database.
  • Customer support -- We are available to assist with technical questions about information in the database and reports -- and assist with any questions about using the database search tools.

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The new Floating Production Systems Report – much like the market itself – is continuously changing. This Floating Production Systems report from World Energy Reports is unique in that it is not simply a static report, rather a dynamic and ever-changing database with a continuously updated wealth of data, statistics, exclusive insights and analysis and critical project management contacts designed to keep you a step ahead of the competition. Your Report, Your Way!

Plan Annual Five Year Market Forecast Semi-Annual Market Forecast Recalibration Monthly
Contacts Price Monthly Price Yearly
Monthly Report Package
  • 12 reports during the year – at mid-month
  •  Each 85+ pages detailing planned floater projects, orders, installations, available units
  • Plus in the October monthly report -- Annual Five Year Market Outlook Assessment and Orders Forecast
  • Plus in the March report -- Semi-Annual Market Forecast Recalibration
Yes Yes Yes No No - $3,950

  • Details for 240+ planned floater project, 70+ units on order, 365+units installed, 20+ units available for redeployment
  • Data updated 24/7 by analysts with many years industry experience
  • State-of-the-art search tools and capability to easily transfer data to Excel spreadsheet
  • Contacts to follow up with in planned projects for marketing purposes
  • Subscriber support – just contact us for assistance
No No No Yes Yes $1,950 $3,950

(Best Value)

Includes Complete Market Forecast Package and Database ACCESS (5-year forecast, 12x monthly Updates, full online Database Access (updated daily) with Key Contacts for a full year)

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes - $6,500
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