Floating Production Systems Report And Online Database

  • Annual five year outlook and forecast – At the start of each year we prepare a detailed assessment of future deepwater development and forecast the pace of orders for floating production systems over the next five years. Our 2021 annual report looks at market conditions likely to prevail through 2025 and provides our assessment of which of the 200+ floater projects in the planning queue will reach the final investment decision by end-2025
  • Monthly reports - Our monthly reports provide a detailed snapshot of the business sector as of the middle of each month. More than 100 pages of data and industry analysis each month. Excel spreadsheets with each report enable subscribers to tailor the data presentation to their needs. In our May report we revisit the annual forecast and make revisions as needed.
  • Online database - The online database is updated every day – with information direct from primary sources. In the database are details for 200+planned projects, 390+ installations in service, 40+ floaters on order and 40+ floaters available. The database is fully searchable. Customized charts and spreadsheets can be directly produced from the database. Data are easily exported to excel spreadsheet.
  • Customer support - We are available to assist with technical questions about information in the database and reports -- and assist with any questions about using the database search tools.

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Floating Production

UnitId Unit Name Type Unit Field Operator Status Country Region
108060 Sea Eagle FPSO Shell Installed Nigeria AFRICA
108134 Petrojarl Knarr FPSO Shell Installed Norway NE
108152 Olympus TLP Shell Installed US GOM GOM
108206 Gumusut Kakap SEMI Shell Installed Malaysia SEA
108210 Fluminense FPSO Shell Installed Brazil BRAZ
108235 Malikai TLP Shell Installed Malaysia SEA
108239 Espirito Santo FPSO Shell Installed Brazil BRAZ
108245 Prelude FLNG Shell Installed Australia AUST/NZ
108275 Mars TLP Shell Installed US GOM GOM
108398 Perdido SPAR Shell Installed US GOM GOM
108401 Ursa TLP Shell Installed US GOM GOM
108455 Auger TLP Shell Installed US GOM GOM
108496 Hæwene Brim FPSO Shell Installed UK NE
109375 Bobo FPSO Shell Planned Nigeria AFRICA
109376 Bolia FPSO Shell Planned Nigeria AFRICA
109377 Bonga North FPSO Shell Planned Nigeria AFRICA
109378 Bonga Southwest FPSO Shell Planned Nigeria AFRICA
109440 Gato do Mato FPSO Shell Planned Brazil BRAZ
109503 Sparta (ex North Platte) SEMI Shell Planned USA GOM
109528 Penguins FPSO FPSO Shell Installed UK NE
109574 Vito Production Semi SEMI Shell Installed USA GOM
109591 Bonga FPSO Shell Installed Nigeria AFRICA
109648 Turritella FPSO Shell Installed US GOM GOM
109682 Appomattox SEMI Shell Installed US GOM GOM
109898 Alto de Cabo Frio Oeste FPSO Shell Planned Brazil BRAZ
109919 Whale Production Semi SEMI Shell On Order USA GOM
109991 Mzia/Chewa FPSO Shell Planned Tanzania AFRICA
110025 HA Project FSO Shell Planned Nigeria AFRICA
110148 Graff FPSO Shell Planned Namibia AFRICA

CIMAC Circle at Marintec Shanghai 12/14/2009 1:55:01 AM

CIMAC, the International Council for Combustion Engines took advantage of this year’ s major trade show in the large engine sector to stage the latest in its CIMAC Circle series of forums for information exchange. Chaired by CIMAC board member Yasuhiro Itoh…

Shell Lifts First Crude Oil from Majnoon Oilfield 4/7/2014 12:00:33 PM

Shell announced today that the Majnoon oilfield it operates in partnership with South Oil Company (SOC), Petronas and Missan Oil in Southern Iraq has successfully exported its first shipment of crude oil to Shell trading, a significant milestone for the oilfield.

Seaway Heavy Lifting & Shell Sign Offshore Installation Agreement 8/15/2013 12:33:23 AM

Seaway Heavy Lifting has signed an 'Enterprise Framework Agreement' with Shell Global Solutions B.V., in the Offshore Installation category. The contract duration is 5 years and covers the engineering, project management and offshore installation of fixed and floating facilities.

Liquidyne Shaft Seal Shell Global-approved 2/3/2012 8:45:50 AM

IHC Lagersmit’s LIQUIDYNE pump shaft seal listed as best practice by Shell Global Solutions. Shell Global Solutions has listed the LIQUIDYNE pump shaft seal as best practice for use with its cooling water pumps worldwide. The LIQUIDYNE is also…