2017 Floating Production Systems Forecast

October 01, 2016

The WER 2017 Annual Forecast Report (1) presents a detailed analysis of the business drivers that will shape the global deepwater business environment over the next five years and (2) provides our forecast of floating production system orders to be placed between 2017 and 2021. This is our 20th annual forecast of floating production system orders. The new forecast is segmented into five types of production units -- FPSOs, FPUs (production semis, TLPs, spars, barges), FLNGs, FSRUs and FSOs – and we project the number of units to be ordered, composition of the orders and capex to be generated in each segment. An objective, bottom-up forecasting methodology is employed, using projects in the planning stage and our assessment of underlying business conditions as the basis for projecting equipment orders over the 2017/21 time frame. In the data section of the report are details for 197 floater projects in the planning stage, 54 production or storage floaters now on order, 284 floating production units currently in service and 34 production floaters available for redeployment contracts. Charts depict the location where floating production and storage systems are being planned, operating and being built. Accompanying excel spreadsheets provide the report data in sortable format. Information is current as of 27 October 2016.

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